Tuesday, 30 June 2009

it's been ages!

Here I am again after such a long time. Dont really have any excuse not to have writtenI have been watching all your blogs though.
The first photo is of my sons new decking area it looks great!
Then here we are on holiday, we had a lovely time, the photos are of horses on the shore at sunset on De Haan beach, the giant turtle is on Neiwport beach and the lovely tram we used every day to get about which runs the whole length of the Belgain coast from De Panne to Knocke. All of this is in Belgium by the way. It was vey hot there, sunny every day too, we also took the train up to Antwerp , one of my favorite cities. Luckily they had a market on the day we went. Discovered something called Wasabi peanuts, they knock your socks off when you bite them, they arent going to last long, i wish id bought more of them at the time. They taste like you have taken a bite of really hot mustard !

Have any of you been watching the tennis? Had the roof on centre court last night for a really long match in which the Scot, Andy Murray won!

Have booked to go away in Novenmber in time fir the christmas market in Lille We are going to stay in St Omer France, been there before its a lovely little town with two market squares and cafe/bars dotted round them, very continental, even in winter people sit outside at tables, we arent quite that mad!

Soory to hear of Merries little dog passing away, its not a nice feeling coming home and theyre not there to greet you, chin up Merrie another one will come to you in time

Thats me for now, hugs ....XX

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Kim said...

I've missed you. It looks like you are having fun though. I haven't been very good at posting either. Life has been in the way.