Monday, 22 September 2008

This is a cross stitch I did a few years ago, it looked so much like my last rottie called Lucy. She was the best dog ive ever owned. Sadly had to have her put down due to a tumour in her leg.But while i was very sad about that, if I hadnt lost her I would never had the 2 dogs i have now.
Was up at the hospital on Fri for Stewarts dressing to be changed and its come on so well we got a new type of dressing, a sticky cling film thing, which I can do at home, so no more treks up there till he needs the light therapy.
Another member of staff at the shop where i work is leaving. I really liked her but her dad is moving into sheltered housing up in Elgin, 80mls north, so she is moving too. I hope we get someone nice to replace her.
Last week we laid tiles for my son and his girlfriend, on Wed we will do the same in the cloakroom. Lisas brother, George has moved in with them he seems really nice.
I ordered some stuffing online last week and when it came i got a shock, i must have not read the weight properly, the tiny package that came wouldnt stuff a small teddy bear !!So I went back online and paid attention this time, and next day a delivery man came lugging a huge box, that was more like it.
I have been making some more things and also made my own pattern for a halloween doll which turned out really nice. I have now finished the back of my sweater and am cracking on with the front, dont want winter to be over and not have it done. I also got some more wool so i can start another one right away.
Has anyone worked with that paper you can sew on then dissovle it? Ive gone and bought some as i wanted to make a spiders web but so far Im not sure just how to go about it so if anyone is reading this and knows what to do please share with me.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Hello again. Lewis and Lisa moved into their house a week ago, due to a misunderstanding by me, we didnt go down to help them unpack, we sat patiently waiting at home for them to pitch up with the van so we could load it with stuff stored at our house. What should have happened was for us to meet them at the house, unload the van then up here to load up again. Oh well, things can go wrong sometimes. Thay have a really nice house and have set about adding their new furniture and are going to put down new wooden flooring. So all is well. Also, good news, Lewis had been taken on to the permanent staff at the place he was temping at for the past 3 mths. He is well "chuffed" as they say.

I have been very busy making things for my friends xmas. I have even made my own patterns for things and have been pleased at how they have turned out. All pics of these will go on show after xmas, otherwise it wouldnt be a surprise for her.

Just wanted everyone to know that my mum completed her 100th Munroe on her 70th birthday , she too is well "chuffed".

I have been on holiday from my work this week and been in the garden cutting down some of the shrubs, lots more to do but its pouring of rain today.

Went to the boot fair on Sunday, didnt get much, but got a brand new mitre saw for £6 a real bargain. Also got some free range eggs and lovely potatos.

This is a twig tree I made to use instead of a xmas tree, I now have it on my stairs with a lovely crow that I got as a gift.
Stewart is now going to the hospital to have the dressing changed just once a week , I know a big difference in the scarring, it's healing up so well, its amazing how good the surgeons are these days. Im hoping he will be able to go dressing free soon. Once its healed he will have PDT on the area to zap any left over rogue cells.
A lad in my street, Neil Fachie, is competing in the Para olympics, he's a sprinter, if you see him, cheer him on! He suffers from night blindness and is so bad with all the stadium lights, he's literally running blind.
Thats all for now,later...x