Saturday, 22 August 2009

The joy of Felting

As you can see I have discovered Felting...and I am a big fan. It only took one project to get me hooked..if only the wool werent so expensive!!!As you can see i made this cute little bag and now have my eyes firmly set on a larger bag. I also got new wool to make up those little neck warmers i made last week, this time the wool is softer and not as bulky, but just as cosy.
Back to work today after having last weekend off. Boy was it warm in there today.Must go now, my knitting awaits XX

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Id like to share my new found pattern for this beautiful neck warmer. Its fast to knit up and uses about 100gms , so its cheaper than making a scarf. Firstly, its not my pattern it belongs to this lovely guy in one of the above pics, who you can visit to see the original, go to He used a different yarn from me, must have been thicker as he only cast on 14 sts. His fulll pattern, plus others that he has go to I have used a yarn from Twilleys which was 100% wool, its gauge is 10sts over 14 rows so iguess its chunky,but that doesnt matter for this scarf.I have used size 10mm needles casting on 20 sts and its knitted in a brioche rib, which have various ideas on how to do them, this is what I used, sl 1,*yf, (ie, bring the yarn to the front of the work)sl 1,k2tog follow from*to the end, then purl 1 the last stitch. at the right length for you, mine was 25ins, knit two rows, then put in 3 buttonholes and then knit 3 rows. All done!! These can be made in an afternoon, the buttons are from "belloandbellissimo" at, who have a nice range of buttons from Italy.
Good news too, we are going to Amsterdam next month yippee!! I love Amsterdam ,its a city i never tire of, plus we are going to take the train to Delft, havent been there before so I am really looking forward to our little holiday.