Friday, 21 November 2008

Well, it's been a while since I've said anything and thats cause a lot
has been going on. Above is the latest photo I have of Lewis and his beloved, they look really good together.
I have a new job!!! It's a very weird feeling knowing I'm about to leave my job of 9yrs to go and do something completley different, but the time was right and I reckon the job must be right or I would never have applied for it. I start a week next Sat, and I am going to help at breakfast times at a care home nearby. I will work Sat and Sun giving breakfasts and then the tea trolly at 10am. I can say that although its a big move out of what i know, Im looking forward to it a lot.
My boss has given me a good reference and I have already done two lots of training and will go in on Wed to do a shift with someone who does the job at the moment.
More good news, Lisa, my sons beloved, has a fantastic new job. She starts on 1st Dec and will head up the HR dept at the "Press and Journal" the north easts biggest local paper. Good luck to her. Im sure she will enjoy this job very much.
We got snow today!! It was so cold out but it's now lying...yet!
On Mon we had a flat battery, first time in 9yrs i was late for my work, as I had to walk and was 3 mins late. We got a new on in the afternoon after Green Flag came and started the car. Thank goodness we have breakdown, id recommend them to anyone.
We were up at the hospital on Thurs for Stewart to get further treatment at the front part of his head, we go back next week then again in Dec and probably in Jan, and I think it will pretty much continue until they are happy they have zapped all of it.The nurses are so nice, cant praise them highly enough.
I have all my gifts wrapped and ready to post , will send them on Tues next week. Everything else that had to be bought has been and just the cards to do now.
Guess thats all....later

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Good morning!! I have just returned from our weekend away and very welcome it was too.

I said I would have a giveaway when I got back, and here it is. Its a little dress complete with little twiggy hanger, little button and one bow. It is hand made by me and its made from calico and printed cotton in a teddy bear pattern. It measures 16 inches long.All you need to do is visit me and leave a comment. The draw will be on 9th Dec, my sons birthday , so plenty of time to enter. This giveaway was inspired by me winning a beautiful giveaway, hosted by Lisa at cranberryflats.
This next pic, though very dark, is a trail through the woods where we walk the dogs if it too windy to go to the beach. As it frequently is and I hate to see the dogs faces get covered in blown sand, so we go to the woods then.

We had a lovely weekend away in Perth, we took the bus through to Glasgow, it was chock full of people and I cant say I was much taken by it. Maybe just got the wrong impression of it, or figured it would be somehow different. We also went to a place called Paula, House of Farnell, its near Brechin and its tucked right out of the way but its so full of great things, like candles and xmas stuff and I had to buy some things, well couldnt go all that way and not get something. I did als finish most of my xmas shopping when we were away , just a couple of things and thats me done.

Here are those watches Ive been making. Not all of them are shown here as some are going to be gifts and I dont want anyone getting a sneak preview, and also I made and gave away 4 others that I forgot to photograph first.

Stewart has had his appointment for the last part of his treatment come through, Nov 20th \27th and then hopefully that will be it all over and done with.

We have had some snow here, last week in Oct, seems it was 30yrs since it was so early. Most mornings we have to scrape the car windows and when we were in Perth it was the hardest frost ive seen in ages. On the Sunday morning I was outside the hotel and looked up and saw a hot air balloon sailing along the river, it was so low I could see the people in the basket, and of course I didnt have the camera with me and by the time i got to my room and back down again it had moved way to far off for a good pic, typical !! I also saw another weird sight while in the car going between Alva and Dunblain , a LLama, yes I know what your thinking, but it was a LLama, all white and cosy looking munching away at trees, guess it must have escaped from someplace as its not something we normally have roaming about the countryside. I also saw a large herd or Deer and about a dozen or so Buzzards on our travels. So all in all a good time was had.

Guess thats all for now