Friday, 27 February 2009

  • This is a frame I made from driftwood found at the beach last week. i think it came out quite nice as did the photo of my son. Lisa had taken the photo when they were on holiday,

  • I used Picassa to turn it into a black and white photo which I thought looked better in the frame.
  • These are the fantastic icicles that hung from the roof this winter, cant say ive ever seen them so long, that was the only highlight of the winter.Posted by PicasaOur car is sick, its been to the garage and now needs a new clutch, which is far less expensive that having to buy a new car so im not really complaining. The chap that owns the garage we use is very nice and as were keeping the car till it draws its last breath, i dont really mind spending on it to keep it going. The roads here are in an awfull state, potholes everywhere, its like driving a slalom course just going along the road, we really shouldnt have to be weaving in and out to avoid them, its time this Mickey Mouse council of ours got them fixed.
  • I am officially off probation at work, i got a letter telling me about it last week, so im pleased. I really enjoy working there. I have been learning some Polish, as two girls i work with are from Poland, so far I can say, Good morning, how are you and thank you. I will no doubt get some more phrases tomorrow to practise in the week. One girl, Malwina, is getting married in August, so I have been making her a present. Its a watch of pearls and crystals. It looks quite weddingish, i will have to take a pic of it before i give it away.
  • Lewis and Lisa are away to Berlin in a couple of weeks for a few days. I quite fancy going there too, so i hope they take lots of pics to encourage me to book a hol there.
  • I have started exersising, i hate that word, the thought of it makes me feel tired. But, as i can no longer hide the excess wobbly stuff under wooly jumpers, i thought id best make the effort. I have a stepper thing so i put on some music and managed almost 15mins before collapsing in a heap. Day two wasnt any easier, but im not going to give up, wont be long before my holiday is here and i want to fit into my clothes, not spill out over them, lol.
  • Thats all for now.

Friday, 13 February 2009

We still have snow here and im sick of it. The pavements are like sheets of ice, im beginning to wonder just what we pay the council for, certainly not to clear the roads, have seen the gritter twice in all this time,grrr!

Rosie seems to enjoy being on our bed more and more these days, even taken to snuggling my teddy bear.

This is a super pic of a puffin i saw on Picassa, they live down on the coast by Stonehaven but ive never seen a live one, only a dead one washed up on the beach, speaking of the beach, a dead baby seal was lying on the beach this morning, still had its baby fur.
Still looking to contact an old friend, Lourdes Mills nee Saez, she was married to Frank who was in the airforce, last known address was Great Falls Montana, they had two children, Sarah and Alexander, anyone know where she is or does she have a blog?
I have now been in my new job 3 mths. Was back to see friends in the shop this week, but i dont miss it.

Friday, 6 February 2009

As you can see my garden is covered in the white stuff. Im worried I'll not make it to work tomorrow as i will be leaving before the gritters come. I am going to wear my boots and carry my work shoes just in case i do have to walk I thought id lost these pics when my computer went down but some were on my camera, though i stupidly forget to rotate them before posting them, you'll just have to turn your head sideways instead.

These are things i made for Kate for xmas and her birthday this month. I wish id made duplicates for me!! I will dig out the patterns and do them for myself sometime.

The snow was so thick that we couldnt get the car out of the drive the other morning so the dogs got a short walk round the block then we got the shovel and dug round the car and waited for the traffic to die down and then went and got the papers. I got an extra pint of milk and a loaf today just in case. The gritter finally came about 10am so at least there is grit under the snow.
Luckily we didnt have a hospital appointment this week as wed not have made it. Im thinking of leaving the heating on overnight as its so cold, i will see if its icy before i go to bed. Rather have a higher heating bill than a burst pipe. Diane