Sunday, 29 March 2009

This is us the last time we were in Amsterdam, this bar had lovely outside heaters to keep you warm, and we needed them.
Today when I got in from work only Rosie came dowstairs to greet me. This is very unusual, normally they both come charging down to say how much they have missed me and then Penny runs onto her bed, which then slides across the floor , with her on it, coming to rest against the very door in the kitchen where the treats are kept, clever move eh? But today, just Rosie, so I was worried and hurried upstairs to look fo her, couldnt see her, then noticed my ironing in a heap on the floor of the spare room and a big lump under the quilt, moving or rather "wagging", she had burrowed under the quilt but had gotten wound up in it and was stuck!So I undid the quilt from round her, and boy was she toastie!!! Next thing, shes dashing down the stairs to do the skidding across the floor trick to get her treat. Mad dog! So I had to go and remake the bed and pick up all the ironing.
My friend at work went to see Lionel Richie last week and said he was excellent, worth every penny, and they were expensive tickets, and sold out both nights too. A real showman, sang for 2 full hours.
A little snow fell yesterday, and the car had a frozen windscreen this morning, and the clocks went forward last night, so i lost an hours sleep.
We went out for the day on Thurs as it was our 16th anniversary. We went to a garden center that has a nice coffee shop and treated ourselves to scones and cakes. I had all good intentions of buying a new twister/stepper for myself to get fit, but gave in and bought a pewter bracelet instead. So much nicer that a bit of excersise equipment thats only going to gather dust when i realise im not cut out for it.
At least with this bracelet im going to remember that day each time i look at it.

All for now
later....Diane XXX

Monday, 23 March 2009

Last week it was lovely and sunny and I was in the garden, today it's snowy/sleety and guess what??? My heating has broken down !!! I cant believe this. We only had it serviced last Friday and now its not working. So on with another pair of socks and another cardigan, Stewart and Penny are hiding under a duvet on the sofa! We have a little oil heater but its not much use in the living room unless you happen to be sitting right on top of it, oh I wish i had a real fire....
So tonight we are having minced beef, mashed potatos, mashed swede, veggie mince for Stewart of course, that will warm us up.
A friend of mine is very sad right now. Last week her litlle dog died on her lap. Her other dog is crying too. Thay are going to the Dog Trust and have seen two pups, but they havent been vet checked yet and are too young, about 3 weeks, but if all goes ok they will take them both. I hope they get them so it cheers her and the other dog up.

Later... Diane

Sunday, 15 March 2009

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My son and his girlfriend went to a wedding yesterday, so we gave them a lift to the hotel. And since he was all dressed nice, something i rarely see, I took a photo. When i got home i decided to give it the Picassa treatment and made it black and white. Lisa has a lovely bright dress really summery but it still looks nice in black and white.

Have two new Polish words to learn this week, i will have to concentrate on learning them as i got mixed up today and forgot what goodbye was.

It was blowing a gale yesterday, luckily i had painted the tar onto the roof of the shed where it was leaking, i ended up not realising that id got tar on the ladder, then i put my hand right on it and while i was wiping it off got more on the ladder, then touched that with the other hand !! As long as it stops the rain from getting in then it was worth it, next time im wearing rubber gloves. I shpuld read what ive already written i said this earlier, must be an age thing

Thats all for now..later XXX

Friday, 13 March 2009

This is a collage i made from some pics of Lewis and Lisa

I had to paint tar onto my shed roof today as it had leaked over the winter months, hopefully its fixed now, if not i will get a lage can and go over the whole roof, i did end up with tar on me and the ladder!

Spring is here, crocus and snowdrops and birds building nests. The swans are at the river mouth, its the male from the last brood and he has another one with him, he was shooed away from the big family with him being a male, but now he seems to have got himself a mate.

I was up at a local hotel this week in the afternoon, its very residential there but when we got in the car i saw two deer in the little woods next to the car park, grazing away as if they were miles from the city. I tried to take a pic but only had my phone on me and they were well camoflaged it didnt come out.

Guess that all for now...

Monday, 9 March 2009

I have been having fun with Picasa, its great!!! It also makes emailing photos and importing photos so easy, wish i'd had it sooner.
My son and his girlfriend is home from his holiday in Berlin, he didnt know everything is closed on Sundays which meant the museums all had queues for miles, so they didnt stand for hours in the pouring rain. They enjoyed it very much and also went to the zoo, th eEuro sucks right now, only getting like for like in exchange, hope it improves by June when we go away, i've been holding off getting euros with the vain hope they will be better value later on.

It was so cold today, i hope it doesnt snow. We walked in the woods, rather than on thebeach, though i want to go to the beach tomorrow to see if there is any driftwood. I have a large pile drying out in the living room but could do with some shorter pieces

I must start on my crafts again i have been lazy and not done much. I made a necklace for a friend who is having a bithday and a bear for Becky, and I forgot to take pics again!


Sunday, 8 March 2009

  • Here are my two dogs, enjoying the life of Riley on our bed, guess it must feel nicer than their own bed, as they ar on there more often that not, except when the sun is shining through the patio doors, cause thats where Penny lies, right little sun worshiper she is. Sad day yesterday, when I went into work they told me that one of the residents in my wing had died. She was a nice lady, and at least she didnt suffer. One of the perils of working in a care home i guess.

  • Its finally light in the mornings now, I am so glad the dark mornings are gone for the time being.

  • I have been learning some Polish phrases, I don't know much yet, but when I was at the Post Office i realised the guy was Polish, so I said Good Morning in Polish and he knew what I said !!!! Malwena at my work is teaching me, i have a new word to learn this week, its Goodbye. Next week im going to have her teach me a phrase, something useful.