Friday, 24 April 2009

Well, ive not been on here much, been in facebook instead!. Here is a very old pic of me and a friend of mine taken in Ballater in 1999, cant believe it was so long ago, but it was. Not that either of us look any older, just wiser. I caught up with her on facebook this week, hence the digging through the photo albums searching for this pic.
I have been in my garden and are pleased to announce that we have a little visitor, a hedgehog, in fact i think there is more than one of them , so out i go each night with th edog food for them, anything they dont eat gets taken by the crows or magpies in the morning.
There was new beading mag out and i have got some good ideas from it, made a matching set of, latriat necklace, bracelet,, watch and earrings, will have to remember to take a pic.
Have no sound on my computer, turned out i need a new driver, many thanks to all that helped me out on otherwise i would have been at a loss.
Mum and Billy are off to climb more munroes this week, especially on May the 1st as he will be,.... wait for it....70!! Thanks to him for redoing the wall at the front of our house.
I fell over in the supermarket and have a bruise on my behind and on my elbow which is very sore. In to much of a hurry as usual.

This is a bit of fun, weve been in this station, is a work of art itsself.

All for now....Diane

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Lisa said...

I LOVE this ad!!! How long have you been doing beading? I'm trying to get used to Facebook. I'm learning!!