Friday, 6 November 2009


Have been a busy bunny since getting back from our trip to Amsterdam, where the weather was great. I have knitted a bag from old plastic supermarket bags, a large mohair wrap, mohair scarf, blanket for Kate xmas, pics coming after santa has been,and am doing a shoulder cover up fo my mum, ist just started. So long way to go there. Rosie has been poorly, on my birthday i found lump on her leg, so we were very worried. Had it removed and she has now had the stitches out, non cancerous thank goodness. Taking a bit of time to heal, so at night or if we leave her she has to wear the lampshade round her neck!!! Hopefully if will be better fully next week so we can go back to walking at the beach. We have had to stick to short walk in the woods as shes wearing a rather fetching plastic bootie that i made from a strong carrier bag and duct tape and garden twine. She has been such a good girl through all this, unlike Penny who chewed at her paws when we were out this week, blood all over the spare bed, bad girl! Had to put her paws in salt water then spray on Tea tree oil, had to put the lampshade on her next time we went out. This has not been a great time and im going to celebrate my birthday another day since i had such a rotten one. Lewis and Lisa have been painting at their house, chose a lovely teal colour for one wall in their bedroom, its beautiful! Next week will have seen me 1yr at my job, gosh thats gone past quickly. Well, cant sit at the computer all day, knitting to be done xxxxxxxx

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