Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Hello again, its been a while since I wrote anything, no excuses just the time seems to have passed so fast. I've had a birthday since I last wrote. Lewis and Lisa took us out for a lovely meal and gave me a beautiful beaded handbag, can nevery have to many of those, my friend Kate gave me so much stuff that i cant decide what I like best cause i like it all the same. I got a lovely makeup bag from a Canadian friend who also put in some chocolate, which is now all eaten and very yummy it was too. Jill gave me a lovely beaded necklace that I think she made herself, its in lovely autumn colours so goes with lots of things.Mum and stepdad gave me a cardigan in autumn colours which I thought was too small but somthing must have been caught some place at the back as i tried it on today and its fine.
The crossstitch above is a Noahs Ark alphabet that i did a few years ago, it was going to be a pillow but it took so long to do I didnt want the stitches to get caught so its a hanging instead, away from any dogs that might like to use it as a pillow for themselves.
We go away for the weekend soon, cant wait, hope it stayes dry for us.
Was at Karen and Willies renewal of wedding vows last week, it was very nice, a lovely service and they exchanged new rings.
Almost finished my sweater now, on the sleeves at last. I have more wool to knit another one in a dark lilac colour.Plus I got wool for my birthday so I feel a new scarf coming on! Cranberryflats is having a givaway please visit her at
Guess thats all for now...later...xx